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Finding the vital balance between form and function is our passion. Design and marketing working together. Something we like to call Design That Works™.

Design That Works™ captures attention, draws a crowd and is relevant to it’s audience. It arouses emotion, develops loyalty and becomes sought after.

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Simøn Bailey Design provides valuable solutions to real-world design problems. This gives you the freedom to focus on what you excel at – your business. Our services include:


Since 2004, Simøn Bailey Design has completed hundreds of successful design projects. The design portfolio below is a small selection of work that we’re especially proud of. If you would like to see more examples of our work please get in touch.


Simøn Bailey Design works with start-ups, small businesses and corporations from a broad variety of markets. From financial services to hydraulic engineering to sophisticated computer software to hospitality. Clients such as:


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Our studio is located in Thornleigh NSW 2120.

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Simøn Bailey Design’s full set of design and marketing services include:


Graphic Design

Digital Marketing

Web Design


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